Harley Davidson – Two Thousand Bikers Show Up At A Rally

Genoa – Over two thousand Harley Davidson bikers are expected tomorrow, Saturday 26 November, in the spaces of the Fair for the “National Winter Rally 2016”. The rally is promoted by HOG (Harley Owners Group), the association that groups Harley-Davidson clubs – called “Chapter.”

Every year, at the end of November, thousands of fans of the famous made in the USA twin-cylinder converge to a designated city.

This year, the organization of the meeting is held by “Genova Chapter,” and about 2,000 motorcyclists are arriving, registered in 52 Chapters, who will give life to a big party that will be held in the evening in the “Blue Pavilion.”

The event will start in the early afternoon of Saturday: parked the “Big Twins” in the spaces of the tensile structure, the participants will go to the lower floor of the “Blue Pavilion,” which, set up in “Harley Style,” will welcome guests.

The shiny chrome of the Harleys will be on display under the tensile structure; for the many fans of Milwaukee motorcycles, it will be an opportunity to admire the customizations that all owners make their own bike and that each makes unique in the world. The traditional Harley-Davidson parade will take place in the city, between 4 pm and 6 pm. The procession will start from the Fair and parade through the city center, allowing bikers to participate in some of the most beautiful streets of Genoa. After returning to the Fair, the party will continue on the upper floor of the “Blue Pavilion” with a dinner served at the table in the name of Genoese cuisine, music, and the cabaret of Colorado comedians.

A particular moment of the evening will be dedicated to charity, an important institutional activity of Chapter HOG, with a fundraiser for the people affected by the earthquake. The autographed jerseys of famous Serie A footballers will be drawn.

The event organizers, aware of the importance of the event, involved the city bodies intending to make the city visit and get to know the whole weekend. Bikers will be provided with maps of the city and the app that will allow them to discover every corner of Genoa and have some appropriately marked parking spaces available. Discounts for entry, among other things, to the Aquarium and City Museums.

The organizational efforts of the “Genova Chapter” and the Harley-Davidson Genova dealership in via del Commercio in Nervi have found support and collaboration from the Genoese institutional components whose operational support has made it possible to better plan an event of national importance, entirely new to the city of Genoa. Thanks, therefore, go to the Departments and the Events Office of the Municipality of Genoa, to the Municipalities involved, to the “Convention Bureau Genova” and the Chamber of Commerce, without forgetting the Mobility Directorate of the Municipality of Genoa and the officials of the Genoese Municipal Police for the willingness to offer adequate protection on the road, which will allow the movement of motorcycles in the best safety conditions.

Harley Davidson Fxdr 114 2019 Is This The Harley Davidson Sports Naked?

A few weeks ago we told you about the new and revolutionary harley davidson , and we told you about a sports custom . Well it seems that this is the harley davidson fxdr 114 what do you think?

Let’s go by parts. For example, speaking of the swingarm, now 4.62 kilos compared to a normal Softail … In other words, steel . Specifically, it goes from 6.25 to 10,880 kilos, and since I am giving you these data, they demonstrate how the philosophy of Harley Davidson is changing , which until now was fleeing to analyze and give these detailed data on lightness, performance or anything that did not have to do with the aesthetics and spirit of Milwaukee. In total, the savings is 43%, certainly very considerable.

The wheels are aluminum , the rear 18 and the front 19, very “gasser” style, which also have a very light design . Especially you notice it in the front with very thin sticks, and behind it equips a gigantic wheel (although usual in the Milwaukee brand) of 240 mm. Wide.

Also, the subframe is made of welded pieces of this material compared to conventional steel in Softails, with composite fenders. According to Harley, the weight savings are 3,170 kilos. Again, everything very detailed … As would be the press dossier of a sports bike. Don’t miss this video of the FXDR rolling on the track!

The base of the engine is the Milwaukee-Eight V2 114 that we already know with mixed air-water cooling, of which, yes, the power is not declared, and it is not announced whether this model will be powered in any way. This is possible because it incorporates aesthetic details (or something else) such as the external air filter so common in classic races.

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