Harley-Davidson Style Of Being

Ahead is a beautiful road, ready for those who want to take their chances at the highest speed and pump their bodies with adrenaline. A perfect setting for any mmc996 rider. Will it be? The popular imagination may even say yes, but for those guided by the passion for their Harley-Davidson, the story is quite another. It is a very different energy. It is something that we cannot explain; it is more to feel. It’s all very magical. It is not just sitting on the bike. Behind the bike, there are the friends I made. It’s a family.

The family she refers to is the Harley Owners Group (Harley Owners Group) or simply HOG, a Harley motorcycle club, https://www.mmc33.net/sg/en-us/ that exists all over the world. This city houses a dealership for a long time. Two and a half years.

HOG’s mission is to promote social events and motorcycle tours with the local Harley community. It is unique in the world, but each club has its independence, being guided and directed by the local concessionaire.

Today the Michigan HOGs are made up of about 400 members. The annual fee is $ 35.

When you buy a Harley, you automatically become a member of the HOG. It is an amount paid annually. The first year is free. The dealership sends your data out of the country. A magazine arrives, a pin, which is the jewelry, a path (emblem).

The group holds meetings and tours, usually on two Saturdays a month, to different regions. Also, Harley rose, and their families meet every Saturday at the dealership for breakfast. Most of my friends are from Harley, and I bring them home. And I have a 7-year-old daughter who has a Saturday that wakes up and asks, ‘Mom, aren’t we going to Harley today?’ Since she was little, she has been growing with this energy.


Safety is the word that guides the Harley-Davidson family. I had a super sports bikes. I raced too much, and I ended up having an accident. Here we see the security thing a lot. It is the word you will most hear. Safety and family.

I was a little scared, but I wanted to continue with the bike. So I went to look for security, as much as our bikes have high engine capacity, we always ride at the limit that the road and traffic laws allow.

How much do I love my Harley?

Some are so passionate about Harley-Davidson and everything it represents who wants to leave that feeling marked on the body. The feeling of freedom and well-being that riding a motorcycle gives you is indescribable, and I was able to fulfill my childhood dream after opening the store. I just entered to see the models, but I was delighted to see that Harley-Davidson is not only a motorcycle but also a lifestyle. We have a family concept in our group.

The businessman rode a sports motorcycle and, as he says, had to prejudice against the brand. Until a childhood friend left his old Harley with him and said that he could pay when and how he could, then he got to know the store and the people who make up the group and thus had a positive surprise. At the time, two years ago, he was going through a divorce, which is not usually comfortable for any of those involved. The breath came in the group of harleyros.

They hugged me differently. And I started to see that Harley-Davidson was not just a sports bike. At Harley-Davidson, you make friends with someone you don’t know. A union is people who care about each other. It was an escape that helped me a lot in my divorce, which was very traumatic for me.