Harley Davidson – Two Thousand Bikers Show Up At A Rally

Genoa – Over two thousand Harley Davidson bikers are expected tomorrow, Saturday 26 November, in the spaces of the Fair for the “National Winter Rally 2016”. The rally is promoted by HOG (Harley Owners Group), the association that groups Harley-Davidson clubs – called “Chapter.”

Every year, at the end of November, thousands of fans of the famous made in the USA twin-cylinder converge to a designated city.

This year, the organization of the meeting is held by “Genova Chapter,” and about 2,000 motorcyclists are arriving, registered in 52 Chapters, who will give life to a big party that will be held in the evening in the “Blue Pavilion.”

The event will start in the early afternoon of Saturday: parked the “Big Twins” in the spaces of the tensile structure, the participants will go to the lower floor of the “Blue Pavilion,” which, set up in “Harley Style,” will welcome guests.

The shiny chrome of the Harleys will be on display under the tensile structure; for the many fans of Milwaukee motorcycles, it will be an opportunity to admire the customizations that all owners make their own bike and that each makes unique in the world. The traditional Harley-Davidson parade will take place in the city, between 4 pm and 6 pm. The procession will start from the Fair and parade through the city center, allowing bikers to participate in some of the most beautiful streets of Genoa. After returning to the Fair, the party will continue on the upper floor of the “Blue Pavilion” with a dinner served at the table in the name of Genoese cuisine, music, and the cabaret of Colorado comedians.

A particular moment of the evening will be dedicated to charity, an important institutional activity of Chapter HOG, with a fundraiser for the people affected by the earthquake. The autographed jerseys of famous Serie A footballers will be drawn.

The event organizers, aware of the importance of the event, involved the city bodies intending to make the city visit and get to know the whole weekend. Bikers will be provided with maps of the city and the app that will allow them to discover every corner of Genoa and have some appropriately marked parking spaces available. Discounts for entry, among other things, to the Aquarium and City Museums.

The organizational efforts of the “Genova Chapter” and the Harley-Davidson Genova dealership in via del Commercio in Nervi have found support and collaboration from the Genoese institutional components whose operational support has made it possible to better plan an event of national importance, entirely new to the city of Genoa. Thanks, therefore, go to the Departments and the Events Office of the Municipality of Genoa, to the Municipalities involved, to the “Convention Bureau Genova” and the Chamber of Commerce, without forgetting the Mobility Directorate of the Municipality of Genoa and the officials of the Genoese Municipal Police for the willingness to offer adequate protection on the road, which will allow the movement of motorcycles in the best safety conditions.

Fun games and activities for your wedding

Wedding Photo Montage – Penang Wedding Photography | Baby Photographer | Female Photographer | Family Portrait Photography

Fun and entertainment on your wedding are a significant thing to concentrate on . Your guest going to remember your wedding with the fun activities practiced and entertainment they get. When the ceremony is completed and everyone is done with their feast, keep your party going. It assists your guest to engaged in wedding reception. Trying out unique fun activities for wedding would aid the guest have high quality time and they remember your wedding for long span.  If you are someone wondering about fun activities for your wedding, then you will discover effectual options in this article event space kl

Bride and Groom Trivia Quiz:

A simple and fun trivia quiz is the traditional fun activity for weddings. Lately, the game has took new avatar such as the shoe game. In this game, bride and groom carry one of their shoe in one hand and their significant other’s in other hand. They have to raise the shoe to answer the question. 

Food and Drinks Stands:

Sweet stations, burger stations, doughnut towers, champagne towers etc at weddings are worth considering. Feasting and drinking are immense part of the wedding and it is not new to us. Brining in new flavor to food and drinks stand would add values to the stand. 

Live Music, DJs, Live Bands: 

A wedding is not fun without music. Instead of creating a playlist and playing the songs, live music, preferring DJ’s and bringing in a live band would increase the amusement in the wedding. It is lately preferred by numerous couples lately. 


Keeping the kids engaged in the wedding is an effectual option of delivering amusement to the wedding. Arranging different tables for kids with kids’ friendly decoration would keep your kids engaged. It adds new vibe to the wedding. 


When all the ceremony and feasting the wedding is over, bring a magician amidst of live music and trivia game. Magics are super amusing for people at all ages. They keep all guest at awe and render high quality time on your wedding. 

Tattoo booth:

Tattoo booth is a fun option to involve on your wedding. Bring in the artist of temporary and permanent tattoo artist to your wedding and let your guest what they like the most. 

Photo booth:

Setting up a photo booth has also been increased in wedding lately. The guest can come and give different pose behind the background. They take back the photo while returning to their home. This helps your guest to remember your wedding as long as the picture exists. Actually, the guest remember your wedding even after the photos are tampered or lost. 

Beer pong:

Beer pong is a supper fun activity to involve on your wedding. When your friends met at your wedding and relive the past glories. Amidst of all the fun in chit-chatting, playing beer pong delivers super fun to your friends. If you are not interested in beer or to make it kids friendly, you can use fruit juices as well. 

Several other options are available but the prominent and most effectual fun activities for wedding are listed here.   

How to play poker with real money and little risk?

How to play poker with real money and little risk?

Playing poker games sg96ace online can be a low risk pursuit until the real money gets involved. There are lots of people who love to play poker games for fun and to make real money. You can easily play poker games every day if you have proper knowledge of rules and games and have a list of best poker sites. 

The poker player who is playing the game with real money should look for a reliable and trustworthy poker website so that they can enjoy safe and secure gameplay. It is beneficial for you to choose the website that has high tech and quality software, proper customer support, and effective deposit methods so that you can enjoy playing poker games without having any kind of issues. Here are some things that you need to consider whenever you are thinking to play poker online for real money:

What Is the Future of Land-Based Casinos?

Play freerolls to build a bankroll 

If you want to keep your risk low then it is beneficial for you to play freerolls to get know about the game strategies. There are lots of online poker websites that offer free poker games on the site for players who are playing poker only for fun. So, it is beneficial for you to start playing the poker game for free so that you can get know about the rules and regulations of the game and it helps you to make perfect strategies for your game. Once you get familiar with the game then you can enjoy playing the game with real money, https://www.996ace.com/sg/en-us/.

Utilize the deposit bonus 

Whenever you signup your account for the poker room for the first time, you will get a welcome bonus. So, you can utilize the bonus effectively to enjoy playing the poker game and it can help you to save your money. You can find a lot of poker sites that offer several bonuses and rewards to their customers and it is beneficial for you to use them to play the poker games with real money and at low risk. 

Choose the right game 

If you want to play poker effectively then you need to choose the right poker game. there is a variety of poker games are offered by the online casino owners to satisfy the different needs of their customers and you can choose the one best poker game that is suitable for your skills and preference so that you can get more chances to win. 

Have a proper plan 

Whenever you are playing poker games online with real money then it is very important for you to have a proper plan and strategy to increase the winning chances. You can take some time to make strategies and play your poker game effectively so that you can get higher chances of winning.

So, these are some of the effective tips that you can use whenever you are playing online poker games with real money. These tips can help you to reduce your risk level in the game and help you to improve your chances of winning. 

Harley-Davidson Launches New Electric Models

3win2u Vehicles powered by electricity are gaining more prominence on two wheels. Harley-Davidson motorcycle company has announced the launch of new models for 2020, with new technologies and electric motorcycles within the strategic plan “More Roads to Harley-Davidson.”

The company’s chief marketing officer, Heather Malenshek, noted that Harley-Davidson “offers pilots a wide variety of new models, equipment and accessories for 2020, ” taking advantage of the company’s “unmatched ability” to deliver performance and technology. https://www.3win33.com/th/th-th/ in products designed to “elevate the motorcycling experience.”

Some of the new models are the Harley-Davidson Low Ride S, which also includes the LiveWire electric version, which is capable of “accelerating very quickly by simply turning the accelerator, without the need to clutch or change gear,” according to the company.

The new CVO Tri Glide model joins the CVO Limited and CVO Street Glide within the 2020 offering of limited production super luxury CVO motorcycles.

These models offer “high-quality finishes, advanced technology, exclusive components, and attention to detail bordering on the obsessive, designed and assembled to factory quality standards.”

The new Low Rider S motorcycle takes a performance-based approach that emphasizes power, riding agility, and improved rider control, combined with traditional Harley-Davidson character.

“The performance of the Softail chassis is enhanced with premium suspension components tuned for aggressive driving, powered by the power of a high-powered ‘Milwaukee-Eight 114’ engine,” they say from the company.

The aesthetic style draws inspiration from California shoreline preparations, including a raised handlebar, a mini fairing, a single-seat, and darkened finishes.

The company will also launch new technological features for 2020, such as the HD Connect service, a subscription cellular connectivity service available in a series of Harley-Davidson models, and the ‘Reflex Defensive Rider Systems’ (RDRS) technology, a new collection of pilot assistance systems in a number of models including traction control, plus an advanced anti-lock braking system (ABS).…

Harley-Davidson Style Of Being

Ahead is a beautiful road, ready for those who want to take their chances at the highest speed and pump their bodies with adrenaline. A perfect setting for any mmc996 rider. Will it be? The popular imagination may even say yes, but for those guided by the passion for their Harley-Davidson, the story is quite another. It is a very different energy. It is something that we cannot explain; it is more to feel. It’s all very magical. It is not just sitting on the bike. Behind the bike, there are the friends I made. It’s a family.

The family she refers to is the Harley Owners Group (Harley Owners Group) or simply HOG, a Harley motorcycle club, https://www.mmc33.net/sg/en-us/ that exists all over the world. This city houses a dealership for a long time. Two and a half years.

HOG’s mission is to promote social events and motorcycle tours with the local Harley community. It is unique in the world, but each club has its independence, being guided and directed by the local concessionaire.

Today the Michigan HOGs are made up of about 400 members. The annual fee is $ 35.

When you buy a Harley, you automatically become a member of the HOG. It is an amount paid annually. The first year is free. The dealership sends your data out of the country. A magazine arrives, a pin, which is the jewelry, a path (emblem).

The group holds meetings and tours, usually on two Saturdays a month, to different regions. Also, Harley rose, and their families meet every Saturday at the dealership for breakfast. Most of my friends are from Harley, and I bring them home. And I have a 7-year-old daughter who has a Saturday that wakes up and asks, ‘Mom, aren’t we going to Harley today?’ Since she was little, she has been growing with this energy.


Safety is the word that guides the Harley-Davidson family. I had a super sports bikes. I raced too much, and I ended up having an accident. Here we see the security thing a lot. It is the word you will most hear. Safety and family.

I was a little scared, but I wanted to continue with the bike. So I went to look for security, as much as our bikes have high engine capacity, we always ride at the limit that the road and traffic laws allow.

How much do I love my Harley?

Some are so passionate about Harley-Davidson and everything it represents who wants to leave that feeling marked on the body. The feeling of freedom and well-being that riding a motorcycle gives you is indescribable, and I was able to fulfill my childhood dream after opening the store. I just entered to see the models, but I was delighted to see that Harley-Davidson is not only a motorcycle but also a lifestyle. We have a family concept in our group.

The businessman rode a sports motorcycle and, as he says, had to prejudice against the brand. Until a childhood friend left his old Harley with him and said that he could pay when and how he could, then he got to know the store and the people who make up the group and thus had a positive surprise. At the time, two years ago, he was going through a divorce, which is not usually comfortable for any of those involved. The breath came in the group of harleyros.

They hugged me differently. And I started to see that Harley-Davidson was not just a sports bike. At Harley-Davidson, you make friends with someone you don’t know. A union is people who care about each other. It was an escape that helped me a lot in my divorce, which was very traumatic for me.…

Harley Davidson Fxdr 114 2019 Is This The Harley Davidson Sports Naked?

A few weeks ago we told you about the new and revolutionary harley davidson , and we told you about a sports custom . Well it seems that this is the harley davidson fxdr 114 what do you think?

Let’s go by parts. For example, speaking of the swingarm, now 4.62 kilos compared to a normal Softail … In other words, steel . Specifically, it goes from 6.25 to 10,880 kilos, and since I am giving you these data, they demonstrate how the philosophy of Harley Davidson is changing , which until now was fleeing to analyze and give these detailed data on lightness, performance or anything that did not have to do with the aesthetics and spirit of Milwaukee. In total, the savings is 43%, certainly very considerable.

The wheels are aluminum , the rear 18 and the front 19, very “gasser” style, which also have a very light design . Especially you notice it in the front with very thin sticks, and behind it equips a gigantic wheel (although usual in the Milwaukee brand) of 240 mm. Wide.

Also, the subframe is made of welded pieces of this material compared to conventional steel in Softails, with composite fenders. According to Harley, the weight savings are 3,170 kilos. Again, everything very detailed … As would be the press dossier of a sports bike. Don’t miss this video of the FXDR rolling on the track!

The base of the engine is the Milwaukee-Eight V2 114 that we already know with mixed air-water cooling, of which, yes, the power is not declared, and it is not announced whether this model will be powered in any way. This is possible because it incorporates aesthetic details (or something else) such as the external air filter so common in classic races.

p style%3…