Fun games and activities for your wedding

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Fun and entertainment on your wedding are a significant thing to concentrate on . Your guest going to remember your wedding with the fun activities practiced and entertainment they get. When the ceremony is completed and everyone is done with their feast, keep your party going. It assists your guest to engaged in wedding reception. Trying out unique fun activities for wedding would aid the guest have high quality time and they remember your wedding for long span.  If you are someone wondering about fun activities for your wedding, then you will discover effectual options in this article event space kl

Bride and Groom Trivia Quiz:

A simple and fun trivia quiz is the traditional fun activity for weddings. Lately, the game has took new avatar such as the shoe game. In this game, bride and groom carry one of their shoe in one hand and their significant other’s in other hand. They have to raise the shoe to answer the question. 

Food and Drinks Stands:

Sweet stations, burger stations, doughnut towers, champagne towers etc at weddings are worth considering. Feasting and drinking are immense part of the wedding and it is not new to us. Brining in new flavor to food and drinks stand would add values to the stand. 

Live Music, DJs, Live Bands: 

A wedding is not fun without music. Instead of creating a playlist and playing the songs, live music, preferring DJ’s and bringing in a live band would increase the amusement in the wedding. It is lately preferred by numerous couples lately. 


Keeping the kids engaged in the wedding is an effectual option of delivering amusement to the wedding. Arranging different tables for kids with kids’ friendly decoration would keep your kids engaged. It adds new vibe to the wedding. 


When all the ceremony and feasting the wedding is over, bring a magician amidst of live music and trivia game. Magics are super amusing for people at all ages. They keep all guest at awe and render high quality time on your wedding. 

Tattoo booth:

Tattoo booth is a fun option to involve on your wedding. Bring in the artist of temporary and permanent tattoo artist to your wedding and let your guest what they like the most. 

Photo booth:

Setting up a photo booth has also been increased in wedding lately. The guest can come and give different pose behind the background. They take back the photo while returning to their home. This helps your guest to remember your wedding as long as the picture exists. Actually, the guest remember your wedding even after the photos are tampered or lost. 

Beer pong:

Beer pong is a supper fun activity to involve on your wedding. When your friends met at your wedding and relive the past glories. Amidst of all the fun in chit-chatting, playing beer pong delivers super fun to your friends. If you are not interested in beer or to make it kids friendly, you can use fruit juices as well. 

Several other options are available but the prominent and most effectual fun activities for wedding are listed here.